Bedankt Organisatie Alkmaar Blues Express! / Alkmaar Blues Express – Sweet Bourbon, Topavond met een top band.

Bedankt Organisatie Alkmaar Blues Express!

bedankt Sweet Bourbon speelt graag op blues festivals

Sweet Bourbon & Bourbonnettes blues festival muziekschool live jam workshop coach gitaar basgitaar bas coachen festivals muziekcafe rock the club gitaar nijmegen nijmegen-oost berg en dal groesbeek gennep beek-ubbergen beek ubbergen nijmegen Muziek gitaarles eig schreeven lindenberg stockenhof Drummer. Played with bands such as The Plausible Pleasures Ragtime Band, Moeder Delirium, 5 Knuckle Shuffle and many obscure percussion groups. He has a thing for whisky. Also plays with LQR, folkrock, with whom he recorded two CDs. Martijn has been the drummer of Sweet Bourbon from the start. Hammond player. Blues is my way of living! Played with the Oscar Benton Bluesband and Eelco Gelling. Accompanied American artists in Europe. Guest player, freelance and studio work. He was the keyboard player with Kroppo’s Bluesband and guest player with the Ori Naftaly Band during their Dutch tour in 2012. Played in the semi-finals of the IBC in Memphis 2013. European tour Eric Steckel 2013. Many contributions to CDs of the Julian Sas Band, The Chicago Hotrods, Kars van Nus and others. Nominated as Best Hammond Player 2013!